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Over 20 years ago, I worked on some software named “Sybil”. It was real-time MIDI performance software for musicians. It allowed someone with just a drum pad to sound like a whole orchestra. There were multiple people on the team: several musicians that designed the software and a few programmers that wrote the code. I single-handedly wrote the IBM PC version of the software. Sybil ran in DOS and was written in Turbo Pascal:

Unfortunately, Sybil didn’t stay on the “store shelves” for long. Sybil was one of those products that really needed to be demonstrated. If you just told someone about it, they weren’t that interested. But if you showed them, they get really excited. Unfortunately, you can only show so many people, so Sybil didn’t “live” for that long. And then it was forgotten. Or so I thought…

A few months ago, I was talking to someone else that worked on Sybil. He told me something amazing: Sybil lives on! It was essentially rebuilt from scratch and enhanced, and is now known as KaleidoPro. It would’ve been fun to work on KaleidoPro if I wasn’t so busy at Microsoft (and all the legal stuff was squared away). But it is nice to know that Sybil wasn’t forgotten…


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